Monday, October 15, 2012

Behind the ivy wall

There is a big beautiful ball of fire in our sky everyday. It’s gets stronger as you get closer to it. It has a million properties to its existence up so high in the sky. In our daily lives we tend to forget the mystery of it. We just know that the sun will always be there every morning to wake us up peeking through our blinds and shining on our noses making us feel its warmth.

In 3rd or 4th grade science class we learned about the planets. I don’t know about you but for me I left school amazed that day. I learned that I was just this one person living on a huge planet in a solar system larger than I could imagine.

I learned that I was so tiny in comparison to how big the world really was. It opened my world to see that this world wasn’t all about just me in it. There was more than I knew and it made me wonder what my place in it was in it.

Today I saw some ivy growing beautifully green and alive on an ugly wall that was covering its disgrace with something beautiful. The wall is serving it’s purpose to hold in what is inside behind it and keep out what is on the outside out of it. It also has something beautiful growing on it’s outside covering over it. The wall itself is very strong and it’s foundation looks like it has strength to endure. As an outsider I can see that from its appearance but I can know it because it is still here. It’s a wall that has not fallen down despite rains, earthquakes and the weight of the ivy on it.

You would have to conclude it must be strong. It is stronger than it looks from the looks of the worn out wall. It is made more beautiful because it has something alive growing on it. It makes you want to see what is on the other side. I couldn’t see a gate to go inside behind this wall today but maybe it is someplace around the corner of it. The thing is though if the owner of the place behind the wall doesn’t want any visitors they may have not made a gate.

It is like this with people sometimes. They are here in this huge world as a little piece of a huge world God made and they have something beautiful growing on their outside but they are afraid to make a gate that goes inside.

There is a risk in letting the gate be opened and a fear to get past. Seeing who you are in a huge world can make you feel smaller or it can make you feel significant in that you are a necessary part of this world. 

God who created the universe and the sun made you and everything in this world. You are significant and intricate part of a huge world. If there were no you then where would the ivy grow? Make a gate if you don’t have one. You have something beautiful people need to see and appreciate behind your wall.  

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