Sunday, April 7, 2013

Butterfly dreams

I was just a chubby caterpillar eating alone. But then I found a safe haven to change in. I found the cocoon of God’s love. He made me a new creation. I am changed on the inside but now it is time for me to struggle. I have my wings but they need to persevere through so I can be strong enough to fly. I am fighting my way out and growing stronger and stronger. It’s hard to keep fighting sometimes but now I can see the light through my cocoon. It gives me a hope that I will be flying soon. Even though it feels safe and warm inside my cocoon I know it will be even better when I have persevered to make it outside. I will still have God's love surrounding me but I will be strong enough not to need a cocoon. God has shown me that I have always been a beautiful butterfly but I didn’t know it. All I could see was the chubby caterpillar me eating and eating tied to the tree. He saw the new creation of me, a beautiful butterfly flying free. Thank you, God for making me, me.