Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Listening to wisdom

Sitting in Panera hiding all the way in back is a great hiding place to get away and find some quiet time to study for the most part. This is my usual stomping grounds on Tuesday's before I head to gather with a my womenfolk friends who never cease to amaze me.

However, today I had a kink in my usual plan of Tomato soup and reading. These two older gentlemen and a younger one foiled my grand plan in their undeniably awesome conversation that I couldn't help but overhear. Okay, yes I was ease dropping but I couldn't help but hear their passions shared that blessed me and gave me the outside a glimpse of wisdom.

The two older fellows entered first and sat at a table right next to mine. The opened some books and started talking about the person they were going to meet with shortly. My ears were alerted when I heard the words that this young man needed encouragement and direction. I got the idea that they were meeting with him to encourage him in some way for some major undertaking he was doing.

The young fellow walked in and sat down. The two older guys greeted him and one of the first things this humble guy did was say how he felt he knew nothing but somehow his undertaking had grown. He started sharing how some of his coworkers had had a rough start but were now accepted.

I don't know what made me keep listening as I now crocheted instead of trying to read but I think it was the picture it was for me. Two older guys coming along side a younger one to equip him and encourage him to keep on keeping on.

There was wisdom in the older fellows and wisdom in this humble younger fellow for wanting to take the good advice and seeking it out. It turned out that I gathered from the meeting that the two older fellows were authority figures in a local church and the younger one happened to be a new pastor.

I love older folks who give their lives away like that. Younger folks can do well to listen. I know I did. Inspired me to seek out my wisdom friends and spend some more time with them. There is so much to learn from them. Find a friend in someone who has more years on you and listen.

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